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Reach your business goals. Realise the potential of qualified benchmarking. A unique tool using AI to turn your KPIs into data. Bench iT allows users to find out more in a matter of seconds and provides total project estimates in minutes!
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Pinpoint Your Numbers with Precision - Aggregated Cost Analysis & Filters

Our Aggregated Cost Analysis feature can save you time and money! By giving you extensive data and insights, you can quickly understand where costs are coming from and where you can make improvements. The many filters available make it easy to customize the data and isolate key performance indicators for your business. With this program, you can save money on future projects and make smarter decisions about how to allocate your resources.

Get an in-depth understanding of your costs
Readily available insights, data and graphs show you where key costs are and where to improve.
Make informed decisions
Tailor-made data analysis with numerous filters helps you to get detailed insights quickly and easily.
Stay ahead of the curve with data and insights provided
Make your quantity surveying expertise shine with the up-to-date information provided, guaranteeing you stay one step ahead.
Data at your fingertips

Find Rates Fast with Element Search

Don't waste time poring through hundreds of pricing documents - our Element Search feature ensures you can locate what you need quickly and easily. Uploaded pricing documents are scanned and matched with searched keywords across all projects so you're guaranteed instant access to rates. Get the data you need in a fraction of the time with our powerful Element Search.

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Streamline Your Projects with In-Browser Pricing Documents

Ready to easily manage your projects? With our in-browser pricing documents, you can use an Excel-style interface to view your project's pricing documents such as a bill of quantities or priced schedule of works, all from the comfort of your browser. No more complicated downloads or long wait-times. Get data fast.

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Don't let project costs catch you out, improve cost accuracy and save time benchmarking with Bench iT today.

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See for yourself, who is creating value and who is not

If you're a quantity surveying professional, you need to know how to measure the performance of your stakeholders—clients, architects and contractors—and to keep track of their progress. Our benchmarking program can help you do just that! With our program, you can easily benchmark your stakeholders, see their progress and monitor their KPI performance to make sure they're providing buildings that are above or below value. That way, you can make sure your projects are getting their full worth.

Health and safety incidents, over/underbudget & program analysis. Never wonder how good contractors are again
Are architects good at designing, how many variations do they force? can they design to a budget?
Make your quantity surveying expertise shine with the up-to-date information provided, guaranteeing you stay one step ahead.
dont waste time manually searching rebase rates

Bench iT will ensure your data is kept up-to-date without you having to worry about it.

Stay ahead of the curve with its automated rate rebasing feature. With just a few clicks, you can rebase old rates based on selected locations or time periods and have access to the most up-to-date information. And the best part? You can do it in multiple currencies! Our program has you covered with its easy-to-use rate rebasing system—no more manual calculations or wasted time. Make sure you're always up to date with our rebasing feature!


Comparing the costs, programs and KPIs of your projects is easy with Bench iT.

The power of comparison is essential to gaining insights and benchmarking success in the world of quantity surveying. With our project comparison functionality, you can easily see the differences between any two projects, side-by-side. Comparing the costs, programs, procurement and KPIs, you have an immediate picture of where your project stands and what you need to improve or focus on. Get a clear picture of where you stand, with our project comparison feature!

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Creates accurate budget estimates for any type of project

Don't make estimating a tedious task anymore! With bench iT you can make estimations in no time! Bench iT allows you to use the recognised NRM1 standard to calculate the cost of building projects on an elemental level or high level estimating based on m2 costs or per unit costs. Get it right the first time with benchit's estimating feature!

High level estimating
Based on either m2 or per unit costs get instant estimates
Granular, elemental level estimating
Use rates automatically digested from pricing documents, custom rates or m2 rates to quickly piece together an estimate