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Once upon a time there were two Quantity Surveyors called John and Steve. John used to find rates one by one, painstakingly revisiting half missing old job information, which was both time consuming and error-prone. Steve used an estimating program called Bench iT which automates the estimation process, saving time and money.

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Achieving Cost Transparency and Efficiency through Cost-Benefit Analysis in the construction industry

Construction is an inherently complex and expensive industry, making it difficult for owners and managers to keep track of costs and ensure they are getting value for money. Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is a tool that can be used to help improve cost transparency and efficiency in construction projects.

The importance of rebasing construction projects when project benchmarking

Rebasing is the process of updating the cost of a project to reflect the current prices of materials and labour. This is important because construction costs can fluctuate over time, and rebasing ensures that the benchmark is an accurate reflection of the current market. In this article we will cover how to rebase, the benefits of rebasing and the issues you will face whilst rebasing

5 Essential Data Points Quantity Surveyors Must Track

Knowing what to benchmark can be tricky for quantity surveyors, in this article we discuss five different metrics to track

What Data is Important for Comparing Construction Projects?

One of the results of benchmarking is often direct comparison of cost and schedule performance between two or more projects. To make such comparisons meaningful, it is essential to have a shared understanding of the data that is being used for the comparisons. The purpose of this article is to introduce meaningful and practical steps to help with benchmarking tasks.

Why Quantity Surveyors Need to Benchmark Contractor Performance

The article discusses the need for quantity surveyors to benchmark contractor performance in order to improve project outcomes. It cites a number of reasons why this is important, including the ability to identify under-performing contractors and the need to improve communication and coordination between different contractors.

A guide to benchmarking Key Performance Indicators on construction projects

Construction projects are complex and involve many moving parts. Key Performance Indicators can provide a way to assess a project's performance; however, they are often underused and disregarded due to being too complicated to implement. In this article, I will show you how to craft simple but powerful KPIs for your construction project.

5 ways to improve your cost estimating skills

If you're a quantity surveyor, construction cost estimation skills are essential for your success. Here are five ways you can improve your abilities in this area

Construction Project Benchmark Reports - What They Are, How to Write Them & More

Construction Project Benchmark Reports are an essential tool for construction companies looking to improve their performance. Learn what they are, how to write them, and more!

Bench iT: The AI Powered Benchmarking Solution for Quantity Surveyors

Bench iT is a powerful tool for quantity surveyors that allows them to benchmark their previous construction projects and determine future cost estimates. With features like project comparison, rate lookup, and unit cost analysis, Bench iT is the perfect tool for any quantity surveyor looking to improve their accuracy and efficiency.